BREGUET Louis and Jacques (co-inventors and pioneers of the helicopter / aircraft manufacturers)

CAUDRON René and Gaston (flying school at Le Crotoy in 1910 / record planes)

FARMAN Maurice and Henri (1st km on a closed circuit in 1908 on board a Voisin biplane / pilot = Henri)

MONTGOLFIER Etienne and Joseph (inventors of the hot air balloon in the 18th century)

MORANE Robert and Louis (1st crossing of the Mediterranean in 1913 by Rolland Garros / shooting device through the propeller)

NIEUPORT Charles and Edouard (aircraft manufacturers)

ROBERT Anne-Jean and Nicolas-Charles (balloonists, co-inventors of the 1st gas balloon with Jacques CHARLES)

SEGUIN Louis, Laurent and Augustin (Gnome rotary engines)

VOISIN Charles and Gabriel (1st aviation workshop in 1907 in Boulogne Billancourt)

WRIGHT Orville and Wilbur (1st piloted flight of a heavier-than-air aircraft in 1903 / pilot:Orville)