EALC is a non-profit association created in 2003 under the aegis of the law of July 1, 1901. Its initial goal is the restoration of aircraft and equipment representing the French national aeronautical heritage. The association is housed in hangars made available by the municipality of Corbas and previously owned by 5th group of liaison helicopters of the Army’s Light Aviation. In 2007, it was decided to create a museum intended to present restored aircraft and equipment to the public. In December 2012, the museum could finally open because the essential regulatory conditions were finally satisfied. This is particularly the case for the qualification ERP (Establishment Receiving the Public) After a few months of implementation, the organization was consolidated and the inauguration was official in March 2013.

The statutes renovated in 2007 then specify the objectives of the association:

* Active preservation and enhancement of the national aeronautical heritage as well as any object relating to aeronautics and its history (creation and opening to the public of the Lyon Corbas aviation museum).

* Implementation of educational activities for young people (preparation for the Aeronautical Initiation Certificate in particular, training courses in aeronautical professions, advice for aeronautical careers).

* Management of an aeronautical documentary fund (lending library / photographic database / technical documentation).

In 2014, EALC became an association “recognized in the general interest”, which allows it to detax the donations it receives, up to 66% of the amount of these. The resources of the association are mainly represented by the profit of the visits (paid entrances and product of the sales in shop) as well as the contributions of its members. It also benefits from the support of the territorial authorities either in the form of subsidies or in material form (free use of the hangars which house the museum). The majority of expenses are related to restoration activities and the exhibition of our collections within the museum.

With approximately 120 members, all volunteers, the activity of the association can be summarized in several key points:

* The Clément ADER museum which includes both the restoration and the visit. The restoration of aircraft offers work whose quality has been rewarded with several prizes, including the classification of our Mirage IV-P as “Historical Monument” and the obtaining of the “Living Aeronautical Heritage Workshop” label for the museum technical team. The conditions of visit are unique in France since all tours are guided (no free visit is possible). This allows visitors to get as close as possible to the devices and to benefit from the explanations of the guide who, moreover, is able to answer questions asked by visitors. It is even offered to visitors to sit at the controls of a fighter plane. Despite the constraints that these visiting methods entail (training of guides, availability), the feedback we have received from visitors is excellent. The museum also has a shop selling goods related to aeronautics and which provides EALC with additional resources.

*The cultural part of the museum includes the training of young people who wish to obtain scholarships to learn to fly (BIA), discover the world of aeronautics (internship for high school students) or make aeronautics their profession (advice, internships open to holders of a vocational professional diploma in aeronautics). These training actions involve collaboration between EALC and specialized partners (Aeronautical Training Department, specialized schools). The museum organizes conferences on aeronautical themes, aimed more at adults, usually in partnership with the SHLADA (Société Lyonnaise d’Histoire de L’Aviation et de Documentation Aéronautique). EALC also has a documentary fund which includes a strong loan library of more than 3000 aeronautical works and journals, an aeronautical documentation center and a technical documentation service (more intended for aircraft restoration activities) .

* Part of the association’s activity is dedicated to events, i.e. the provision of our premises for the organization of company meetings, exhibitions of old vehicles or even organization of photo shoots (fashion photos, marketing campaign). In addition, EALC participates every septembre in Heritage Days (“Journées Européennes du Patrimoine”) and for us this is the occasion for an exceptional event organized in partnership with the other users of the aerodrome (Ailes Anciennes de Corbas, parachuting club, sailing, amateur builders, model aircraft clubs). This allows our collections to be presented outside their original setting and for partners to present their activities. On this occasion, in-flight presentations of historic aircraft are offered to the public.