Our jet fighter Dassault MD-450 Ouragan n°297 left the Clement Ader museum on June 10th 2022. It was indeed transported to Paris to the Hotel des Invalides, inside the Army Museum, as part of an exhibition entitled “From the Ouragan to the Rafale, 70 years of industrial and operational excellence”. This exhibition was held from Monday June 20 to Sunday September 18 inclusive and had been an opportunity to pay tribute to Marcel Dassault as well as to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the entry into service of the Ouragan, the first nationally-designed jet fighter to join the French Air Force. Our Ouragan was accompanied by a Rafale B. Here are some pictures of the aircraft after its installation (thanks to our friends at Fana Aviation Magazine). This exhibition thus presents the first jet fighter bearing the Dassault name and the last fighter built by the aircraft manufacturer under its name.

We remind you that our Ouragan is number 297 and that it displays the livery of the squadron 2/4 in which it began its career at Bremgarten Air Base 136, namely the paintings of N24 La Fayette on port side and Spa 167 “Cigogne de Romanet” on right side. It is a great pride for us of seeing the work of the restoration teams recognized by a presentation of the aircraft within a prestigious national exhibition.